Goat Seduction

“[N]ature and the laws of our country have given us a right to liberty of both exposing and opposing arbitrary power … by speaking and writing truth.” – Andrew Hamilton

My frequent reader – I use the singular because I don’t think the plural applies – will note that I frequently accuse people, usually government officials or agencies, of f**king goats.

The targets are selected for stifling free speech, especially those who use their official power to block criticism of themselves. (France is the worst at this.) The list is by no means exhaustive; I include only particularly egregious examples I come across and even then I only blog when I can, so most goat f**kers escape my notice.

The goat seduction label was inspired by Agents of Cracked, a funny and silly web series from Cracked.com. In the episode below, their writers defend themselves against a libel claim for alleging that a private citizen “totally f**ks goats.”

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