Idaho Legislators And Their Lust For Goats

A little late to this, but a court has (predictably) struck down Idaho’s First Amendment abomination:

Idaho’s so-called “ag-gag” law, which outlawed undercover investigations of farming operations, is no more. A judge in the federal District Court for Idaho decided Monday that it was unconstitutional, citing First Amendment protections for free speech.

This is obviously the correct decision. The Idaho law not only violated the right to free speech, it was shameless about doing so to protect humans from being punished for infliction violence upon animals. Specifically, the law prohibited journalists or activists from filming inside such facilities where inhumane treatment was likely to occur. I often accuse free speech opponents of f**king goats. I think Idaho’s legislature clearly fits that bill. Otherwise they wouldn’t be so eager to ban the filming of what happens to farm animals.

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