Allstate Defends Female Drivers By Showing Women Are Bad At Math

This Allstate commercial has been airing for a while and I’ve been meaning to call it out for being very stupid:

Rough transcript of the relevant part:

Woman: Remember when you said men are superior drivers?
Man: Yeah?
Woman: Yeah. Then how’d I get this Allstate safe driving bonus check? So weird, right?

Do you see the error? Of course you do. You read this blog. If not, try this instead:

Woman: Remember when you said men are taller than women?
Man: Yeah?
Woman: Yeah. Then how is it that I’m tall? So weird, right?

You see it now, right? Men can be better drivers EVEN IF this particular woman is also a good driver. Stats about populations are true on average, not literally true of every person in each population. It’s basic statistics and common sense, both of which this female character doesn’t seem to know or have.

(Re the underlying question: Freakonomics has a comprehensive review that shows that women get into more accidents per mile driven but men’s accidents tend to be more serious.)

One thought on “Allstate Defends Female Drivers By Showing Women Are Bad At Math”

  1. Please stop replaying that commercial with the girl who gets the safe driver bonus check and says silence over lunch.
    I know several people including myself who fast forward through the commercial if possible or change the channel.
    It was OK at first, but not spectacular now it just plain and simple annoying.
    All state should really be done with it, I would say it’s not helping business, but most likely hurting it.its also ruining through rating for the TV show that’s airing because people channel surf when they see that commercial come on and don’t return to what they were watching….just trying to help…allstate needs a new sales pitch.

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