Netflix Review: Bill Burr

Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way

I’ve reviewed Burr’s specials before, and I even got to see him live last year. This special covers some of the live show I saw (for example, the practical difficulties of adopting an African child soldier as your son) and some new stuff (like his new marriage). Typically unabashed and unrestricted by social norms, Burr unloads on political correctness (“You can’t hit women. Have you ever seen them fall? They fall like toddlers. It’s like they’ve never fallen in their lives. It’s horrific to watch.”) and those offended by daily life (“What did you expect an 80-year old billionaire to think? He did well! He didn’t even say the n-word once!”). Burr’s acerbic wit hasn’t changed one bit, which usually works for him. (He revisits the dangers of overpopulation again, which is unfortunate.)

Highly recommended.

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